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Friday, 22 May 2015

Affordable Outfit #3


Salvation Army Turtle Neck Dress $15
Rubi Slip Shoes $10

(Grapes and Book not included)

Total: $25

Affordable Outfit #2


Salvation Army Turtle Neck $10
Target Jeans $20
Big W Boot Heels $25
Lifeline Op Shop Cashmere Scarf $10

Total: $65

Affordable Outfit #1


Factory Striped T-shirt $10
Supre Black Leggings $10
Rubi Casual Slip Shoes $10
Cotton On Body Drink Bottle $5

Total: $35 


Tuesday, 19 May 2015


“Sometimes ordinary can be absolutely beautiful.”

Through fragments of thought and pauses in the day, there are the unsettling moments of confusion, neglect, failure and fear. 
The moments of reflection, anticipation and defeat- all these feelings, these moments, they scare you back to nature- they scare you back to reality.

What is our own reality?
Sometimes i like to think that I am exactly where i should be. In the arms of a loved one, studying a degree i believe is suitable for me, working a job which pays me the value of my estimated worth. Sometimes I fall asleep at night- questioning why it is i want these things, why is it that i do these things. Am i really living? Is this the life i want?

As soon as i get into this mid frame- i have the impulse to change. 
To quit my job, to change degrees, to relocate, to begin all over again. 

Life is all about progression. Life is all about change. The changes in your life affect every waking moment in your life and sooner or later those changes won't be easily made. 

I always wanted to be different. To be successful and loved by doing things out of the ordinary. I wanted to life beautifully and humbly and without narrow minds. 

But my life has changed, my life is changing, and no matter what i do, my life will always change. 

From changing the colour of my hair, to changing my job- satisfaction will not be found until stability is ensured. 

I want to find the stability in my career, in my lifestyle, in my ambitions and achievements. 
I feel like whilst at university and during part time work- my life is in 'development' or my future is 'pending'.

And like the impatient person I am, I get frustrated that what I want, isn't happening. It isn't here and I haven't achieved anything.

This impatience develops into regret, disappointment and sometimes eventuates into defeat. It disables my dedication, motivation and inspiration and makes me wonder what the effort is worth. 

What creation of mine will strive to achieve greatness. When will i become recognised for beauty or art, when will me work or thoughts be seen as different.

Ordinarily, I am no different to the person next to me. My silent nature and shy physique will  never guarantee success or promise a bright future. 

But it lies within my thoughts and my actions. My entire lifestyle and 'pending' future depends on my production as a person.

As it does you. 

Sometimes we have to recognise that ordinary is great and that our ordinary selves are destined for great things. It is only within time- that our ordinary lives will provide great and beautiful lives for us all. 

Our creative, ordinary and simple lives will be sculpted into exactly what we want them to be. It may not be the same lifestyle of life as the person next to us, but thats what makes ordinary beautiful.

So instead of beating myself down, or dismissing imperfection and labelling failure as permanent- I am changing my perspective on life, and so should you. 

Ordinary is great and ordinary is opportunity.

With time there is chance and with chance there will be progress. 

So for all us ordinaries, have hope in yourself and put your promises in yourself that you will eventuate to whatever you want out of your life. Now is not ever and nothing remains permanent unless you make it that way.

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