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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

5 things girls love to do when they are alone

“I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be”— Dita Von Teese

A females prized possessions are her secrets.
No, I'm not talking about the pretty little white lies, nor the scandalous tales of her weekend.

A girls most confidential and intimate secrets are those that you wouldn't even think of.

Behind closed doors, (mainly the bathroom or bedroom), is where you will find the truth hidden in every girl.

No.5 Hygiene
From popping pimples', to dousing their hair in product, every girl has their secrets about what they fantasise about doing in the bathroom. 
Finally finding the time to shave all the way up to your thighs, pluck a few stray brows or just try out a new 'smokey eye' is a the epitome of down time.

A confident and proud woman is built in front of the mirror. Although this might sound artificial, each woman finds their own beauty by facing their flaws, looking them dead in the eye and owning them!

If she doesn't partake in one of the above luxurious activities, I can almost guarantee that a nice, warm, bubbly bath and a new candle burning can be idolised as the ultimate relaxer for women. 

No.4 Interior Design
After tearing out all your favourite posters from magazines when you were 15, interior design isn't something that is always considered as 'hard work'.
Women take pride in their bedroom and in their home and if this means everything has to match, then so it has to match.

It isn't a fantasy that will be dreamt of everyday. It's more of a 'spring clean' thing, but it will come around like a full moon and stir up some crazy for a few days.

One minute her room/house will be boho chic and the next it will be futuristic trendy. Fashion changes every season, so why should interior design be any different, am i right?

Just beware, if you walk in on her moving things around and you even just dare to ask what she is planning to do with it, you will get a nasty snarl and maybe even a bit of a bite. 

She doesn't know where she is putting it, why she feels like moving it or why she even bought it, let alone thinking about why you are questioning her about it.

Give the girl her space! Remember: it's meant to be alone time.

No.3 Create, Make and Bake
It's not often that a girl gets to splurge on a few quiet hours to try something new.
It could be a new diet trend, makeup technique or a candle making kit. If it has just dominated social media and everyone is talking about it, she will do it and she will succeed.

It's hard to be great at everything, but girls can't go about living their life without knowing what it's like to have at least given things a go. 

Being creative is a great when indulging in quiet time, because although it seems like a lot of effort to others, the mind is able to wander and access thoughts of productivity and accomplishment.

Nothing is more rewarding than trying something, succeeding or failing, and knowing that you gave it your all!

So if it's baking a new flourless cake, creating a photo wall or making a new song on that rusty old guitar- being creative and keeping active is a little mouthwatering to girls who want to have a little TLC.

No.2 EAT
The good old 'seefood' diet.

Girls see food, they eat it and they love every minute of it.
This might surprise some, but girls don't just eat salads (rabbit food). The majority of us conquer the supersized double quarter pounder meal off for an entree. 

We are only being polite when we eat outdoors because, spoiler* we don't actually like sharing our food. We are hungry, and trust me, you don't want to come between a girl and her food. 

*Insert Growling here*

In our alone time, we are able to scoff down as many chocolate bars, burgers, chips- anything and everything that is deliciously edible. 

Just because we seem sweet and innocent, doesn't mean our appetite is. 
Hint: don't ever question us about how that wrapper got under our pillow, otherwise you will unleash the beast.
Emphasis on beast. 

No.1 Sleep

They don't just call it 'beauty sleep' for nothing. 

7 hours a night isn't enough. 
A nap is almost always necessary. Sometimes we don't always get the chance to do so, but when we do, we are a class act of hibernation. 

Yes, it's oh so nice to have someone to cuddle at night and it can be great to stay up talking to friends on the phone or be out socialising and doing 'human' things. 
But the times when we are really alone and indulging in our quiet time, are the times that we have starfished our bed and are drooling on our pillows.

If it were a profession to 'study the back of your eyelids', women would master in it. 
Nuf' said. 


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