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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Generation Y & Z

We always feel our reality isn’t enough. So we consume drugs and give ourselves artificial memories; we want to escape from the confinement of our lives. But I assure you that the only way to resolve the conflict is to learn to accept it and find your own place in the world.

There is something about our generation which is so clinically wrong. 
Depression, anxiety, weight and the constant change and speculations of right and wrong.
Never has there been such an epidemic of sadness which overwhelmed crowds of teenagers.

Parents so confused and oblivious to the idea that maybe, just maybe, their kids fell into darker years than they had before them.
Maybe it isn't us. 

Maybe it is the people around us, the friends and foes that surround our minds and fulfil our hours.
Its the people we invision to be and we wander around. Its being shown and taught that life is meant to be lived in a certain state of mind and that certain state of mind isn't ours.

Is it possible that drug use, recreational alcohol, and other reckless acts of freedom from the kids of our generation is our own way of saying that there are too many rules, there are too many no's.

I grew up in a perfect neighbour, with a solid family and a loving home. I grew up with a rich and fulfilled childhood and was never poor of attention.
I was wealthy with food and greedy with materials and yet there was something which still left me feeling empty.

I don't know what it was or what could of caused it, and then I became aware.

I grew up in a society which built walls around difference.
Where being different was classified as abnormal and change was marginalised.
Where gender and sexuality needed labels to be defined and women and men were still labeled equal yet feminism became necessary.

I have grown up in a society where wars have become silenced and acts of terrorism became media.
Where skin colour meant opinion and wealth meant health.

I am still growing up within a world where image defines your personality, your occupation defines your status and love still needs a certificate to be determined.

And when I sit back and someone asks me about my blog posts or questions why it is I write to express certain emotions, it is because of this simply.

Our world doesn't accept notations of sadness, or illness or difference.
We like to believe that throughout the years we have grown as humans and a race as one.
We like to think that equality has been made, that culture has become accepted in every avenue and that emotions can be justified.

But we all know, or at least I have come to the recognition that we haven't.
And to be entirely honest, when people say that our generation is spoilt, and that drug use has increased immensely and that depression has become a regular diagnosis in kids my age, I am not shaking my head in disbelief.

Instead, I agree.

We have been given false ground and fake guidelines on what it means to live.
We are sheltered from what it feels like to be natural and to what it means to really feel in the worlds.
We are silenced when we have questions and we are ignored when we protest or raise our arms.
We are told not to worry when something seems irregular, and when someone asks why it is that we are sad, or why it is we have lost weight or why it is we are constantly trying to improve or change our lives...what are we answering with?

We are sad because we are ill informed of what it is we are meant to be.
We are meant to look and feel specific ways although we apparently have the 'right of speech' and freedom.

We lose weight because society has deemed beauty as the size of your waist.
We make resolutions and wishes and pray of shooting stars to change and become something of ourselves because we are always told that we can do better.

That today is wasted but have hope in tomorrow.

Popping champagne and cheering for slimmer legs, healthier kids and more money, the world we live in isn't much of a beautiful reality. 

And thats the truth of it all.
You ask me, you ask my generation why it is so many of us drink, do drugs or seem more depressed than any generation before us?

Because we are real, we are living, and we are trying to become and define exactly who we are without falling into the same facade as the generations before us.

Instead of deeming our generation as foolish and wild, consider us as a generation that is true. Surviving in a world with so many agendas and rules.
Being born into a lifetime that requires wealth, intelligence and beauty, consider our generation as strong. 

We are fighting for what it still feels like to be a child, we are fighting for equality, culture, sexuality and difference. 
We have grown up learning how to fight and we are now learning how to defend ourselves from becoming a generation which is moulded by politics, voices and rights from wrongs.

Our generation is different. 
And I have never been prouder.

"I think it's really fucked up how so many teenagers are alone and sad and are having panic attacks in their rooms while their parents watch TV, and how a lot of those teenagers have had relatively normal childhoods, yet there's this huge boom of depression and ED's and mental disorders and it's dumb how we've turned into a generation labelled as "reckless" but really, we are only reckless with ourselves".

Thanks, UY


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