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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

47 Thoughts You Have At University

1. Do you think anyone will notice if I just leave?

2. Did I hand in my assignment?

3. Do I really need to go to that lecture?

4. Holy Sh***, everyone actually knows what they're doing

5. I should not have gone out last night

6. I have forgotten everything I learnt at the beginning of this semester

7. Thank God we have a mid semester break

8. I definitely did not prepare enough for this presentation 

9. I swear I am only failing because my tutor hates me

10. Please do not approach me and ask for me to join your social club

11. I cannot believe one of my team members gave me a bad peer review 

12. No, I do not want to join your peer support group

13. Yes, of course I participate in my tutorials

13. Can that person just put their f****** hand down 

14. The only point in going to this tutorial, is to get my name marked off.

15. Will that person just shut up and let someone else speak

16. I cannot believe that person just left,  leaving us to do all of the work

17. Thank f***, I made it through exams

18. Maybe I should have deferred

19. I am the only person that does anything in this group assignment

20. Srsly... a tutorial at 8am. 

21. They won't know if I actually read the reading

22. I can't do this anymore

23.  It is only by pure luck I finished that exam

24. Do you think they'll actually check my sources?

25. I wonder if there is a vending machine around?

26. There is actually a semi decent person in this tutorial

27. I'm tired

28. All my group wants to do is what they want to do and do not listen to me at all

29. I'm not procrastinating

30. I'll finish this essay off tomorrow

31. I don't know if I even like university

32. I just don't care anymore, I just want to pass

33. Can everyone stop asking me what I want to do when I graduate

34. I have no idea what I am doing

35. At least I'm not the only one that failed the exam

36. I can't understand anything they are saying

37. Sh**, they definitely saw me looking at their exam paper

38. So what if I used a thesaurus 

39. Who sets these exam times?

40. I actually passed

41. I cannot wait until this is all over

42. I don't understand anything

43. No, I cannot go out with you tonight I have to study

44. They didn't say that this would be in the exam 

45. Please don't ask me about what we're talking about

46. Yes, I am coping fine

47. Do I really need to know all of this?


Monday, 23 March 2015

The triangle for overthinkers

“Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”
- Confucius

Every minute we are spending in silence, awake or alone- we are spending thinking. Commonly about things that are being overthought. 

Times, dates, appointments, emotions, actions- everything that we think about- we analyse, dissect and review subconsciously. 
We don't necessarily know when it happens, how it is triggered or when it stops, but at some point within our lives- we have all done it.

Waves of anxiety, stress and tension leave us feeling overwhelmed about the things that are happening in our lives.

Money, love and work being the pinnacle subjects that are most commonly overthought.I give you: the triangle for over thinkers. 

The three main things that over thinkers drown in.


When we hand over $20 for lunch, and then $5 for the bus and another $50 for our phone bill, we mentally start calculating how everything is adding up. 

We won't do it everyday, but come pay time, it becomes critical

We look at that small little box down the bottom that shows us what we have earned annually and see the large sum of what we are meant to have and then compare it to what we currently have. 

It's devastating, when you realise that you've just spent nearly $11,000 in 7 months on things like food, drinks and leisure activities. Did you want some ice with that burn?


The constant struggle of weighing money over love.Passion over security, finance over life- work is the only thing that keeps people alive, although it is the main killer of happiness.No one enjoys their job- thats why they pay you to do it.

Some people could argue that statement, saying that they run their own business or that they get enough benefits that they are happy to go to work or that they love what they do sooooo much that it doesn't seem like work.

In that case- congratulations. You are one of the lucky ones. 

However, many people struggle for many years trying to earn enough just to breathe, to feed their family- or even just trying to keep themselves surviving.

Working surely isn't a luxury, in fact, many of us would rather not. But unfortunately, it's just not how things go around here. If you want the best in life- you have to earn it.
And by earning it, I'm talking about physically and mentally exercising every aspect of your being.

It's up to you to decide how much is too much, how much is not enough and how far will you go to reach what you consider 'happiness' with your career and within your workplace.


What would we do, imagine the power in the world, if one knew how to find love, and how to keep love.

Love is the most tenacious, infrequent and confusing emotion in life. Its underestimated for its power of destruction and resolution. 

Love is the main reason behind war, behind success, and therefore is the significant key to both happiness and sadness. It can destroy people or bring people together.

So, with its undeniable affect and power- it also becomes (probably the highest) overthought subject of all time.

Love links to work and to money- because with love, one either needs or doesn't need money. With love, one discovers a passion which they then pursue for in a career. Love doesn't necessarily have to be based within two people, but can be found in work, activities and objects.

When we analyse things in our lives and overthink ideas, situations and issues, it is all subliminally related to love.

Are we happy? Do i love my job? Do i love my partner? Do i enjoy where I am at in my life? Am i happy with where I am living? Can i do better? Is this it?

All the above questions link back to love- a great interest and pleasure in something, with a strong feeling of affection.

Feelings outweigh physical things inevitably and therefore, love will always override every other thing you overthink.
If you want to solve overthinking, or become peaceful and free from your mind...find love within yourself, in your life and in those around you. 

By doing this- you will be able to solve all other things you currently overthink- you may even find there aren't many things to be overthought once this is done.
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