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Monday, 13 April 2015

An open letter to Scots College

To whom it may concern, please take into account the following... 

Due to traditional values and government funding, the peasant educational values and school that I attended only provided me with a mediocre entry to university.

As the peasant student I was, I spent 12 months doing a university degree, paying $9500 in tuition (HECS ill pay you later) that I didn't even want to do, just so I could finally start doing what I actually want to do today.

 I am only just starting a degree that I could have started 3 years ago, had I invested in a course (such as yours) that guaranteed my access into a degree in a top university.

But I didn't get given that opportunity and I want to know why?

Is it because I'm a girl?
Is it because I'm not wealthy?
Is it because I'm not exceptionally good looking?

Unfortunately god only gave me brains, and I lucked out on the doses of model, child prodigy and rich kid which apparently got sprinkled around on my generation.

But, had I made my parents put a second mortgage on our house maybe, just maybe I would have been able to afford entry into a course (such as yours) to bypass the stress and anxiety the HSC gave me.

Life isn't easy- but, unfortunately, this 17 week course won't teach that. 

God forbid your students should actually learn anything! I wouldn't want them to sweat before an exam or have to stay at home on the weekend instead of boozing it up at high school dances to actually study.

No, I would hate for them to think that work actually meant something and money has to actually be earnt, (for those who weren't born into it).

Students who partake in the pilot will gain nothing, except know the knowledge that money is everything and if there is a way around a difficult task, you can pay your way out of it.

You are cheating a system that has been implemented to determine students who rightfully earn a position in university. Merit and value will no longer be associated with universities  if payment becomes accepted for entrance. 

Hense forth, ruining all credentials of current universities and the students currently attending them.

Students who have studied diligently and obsessivley to achieve high marks and credits to enter in a course that they have strived to achieve, will no longer be recognised as worthy.
Degrees will no longer be earnt, but will be bought instead.

How tacky.

Our world is already full of items, programs and people who can be bought.
University is the only thing that really prevents those who are wealthier than others from getting everything they essentially want.

University is the holy grail for those who cannot afford private education or extensive tutorials. To be come a student at university, you have to earn it.
Scholarships are offered to those that work hard for it and university has become a place where people from all walks of life come together, to learn and enjoy an education that they have rightfully achieved on their own. 

Your program will intervene with this separation from money and power and will just be another thing that can be 'bought' over time. 

Shows that intelligence really isn't anything and those that have enough money, really can do anything. 

I feel for you I do, I can't imagine how hard it must be, competing against the other private schools in Sydney, let alone NSW or Australia. 

But have some dignity....

I like that my university is diverse and people are there because they actually want to be there, not just because their parents paid them to be.

Yours Kindly,


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