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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

8 things your mum said that now make sense

1. Smile, even if you don't feel like it.
Those days where life sucks, everything goes to sh*** and you think over and over in your head why is it you are doing the things you do. Remember that life get's better, there are people worse off and that come tomorrow, you can change whatever it is that is getting you down. Don't let the moments worth smiling for take away the glory of enjoying the little things in life.

2. Bitch to me, not to others.
One of life's best lessons. Your mum is the hoarder of all secrets. You will, eventually, find this out the hard way. But even your best friends will spread an unwanted truth to those that you didn't tell it to. If your friend, teacher, or someone is giving you a headache/stole your clothes/annoyed you a little bit- don't tell another friend or someone else that holds the power in telling the person. This also evolves with life- with love and with profession.
Tell your mum everything. She gave birth to you, she isn't going to throw you in the deep in. Unless you reaallllyyyy deserve it!

3. Don't burn the candle
Maybe its turning 20 that has made me realise this, but eventually working and drinking and socialising and studying will take its toll.
Whilst young and still frivolous, it may not seem like a hangover will last all day or that staying up late at night will matter tomorrow. But it does. If you are working excessively, studying and all the while throwing back a few tequila shots on uni nights and weekends- remember to not over do it. It makes me cringe to say it but, sometimes a night in is nice too. 

4. Do exercise, eat healthier
Those drive through, greasy feed, midnight snacks sessions will eventually have to come to a hault. Binge eating your way through breakups/ exams and work periods are great and extremely effective, however, they don't necessarily make you feel all that good. Doing exercise releases endorphins which actually makes you scientifically happier. Eating healthier makes your insides and your outsides cleaner and well nourished. Your mum is actually onto something here #praiseyourmama

5. Always be fashionably late
No one likes to arrive at party when its just the family and the host there. If you have put a lot of time and effort into how you look, you want a grand entrance you and want people to notice  you have arrived. You can never be too late. If you miss the awkward hour of sober talk and meet and greets- it's no loss to you. The later you are- the drunker people are and the more comfortable it is to break
into a crowd.

6. Take a jacket
If you even just as think you might need a jacket, you will. Remember those times you went to dinner or a football game or some event where your mum asked you 3 times over if you wanted to take a jacket? And you stubbornly said NO every time with that smug grin on your face because you knew everything. Remember how wrong you were when you were pulling on your mum's arm, begging for her jacket because you were cold? Well...she does.

7. When in doubt, go without.
Irrational spending, splurging, or anything else you are doing that leaves you questioning why you are doing it in the first place. Leave it, lose it or return it. If your heart is not 100% set on something, it isn't meant to be. Whether its a relationship, an expensive top, or a job that you aren't enjoying, take the wise words from #elsa and let it go.

8. Nothing good every happens after 3am
This is the truths of all motherly truths. You're either going to be too drunk, too tired, or you desperately trying to cling onto a day that has already passed. Unless you are having the once in a blue moon kick on's after a miraculous night out, grab a kebab, gather your sh*** and put your ass to bed.


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