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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Good, the Bad and the realisation that it will eventually drive you Mad.

“People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy”— Anton Chekhov

I think it is one of life's greatest gifts. To love, be loved and know of love.

There is no right or wrong, too much or too little, but in a world so complicated, love is still the only thing more complex than evolution in itself.

There is no predicting when, how, why or what exactly contributes to love. We can't know nor can we prove that we each independently feel love the same as another.

We are all indefinitely aware of love, but whether we choose to feel it or not, it surrounds us every day.

The Good

Maybe it was him, your first crush and the way he bit the end of his pencil at the back of the room in class that made your heart skip.

Or her, the girl that picked up your bus pass you dropped, as you ran onto the bus.

It could have been the day you looked in the back row of the hall, to see if your parents had made it to your graduation, but you couldn't find their faces and then you saw them standing in the middle corridor, both gawking and waving with a huge ass video camera.

Or maybe it was the day that you slipped your figures through the water, pushing yourself onto your first way, conquering the world beneath you and defying any hesitation you once had about a challenge or new beginnings.

Life gives you good moments, no, great moments. In these moments, love is existing, but it is only in the eye of the beholder to define what it was that made you feel.

Love isn't just about relationships with other people, sex or finding compatibility.

It is finding an understanding in yourself, defying all odds of fear, defeat and reluctance about anything in your life.

The Good is about defining parts of you that warm to new experiences, places, people, beliefs and accomplishments. Love is enjoying all aspects of this world, untied from just human beings but buried within the ground around you.

The Bad
The "not - so friendly".

The nights of mistakes, lies, and unfortunate endings.

This love is sometimes, could be and always most certainly, found in another person.

We are our own worst enemy, and sometimes the bad is found in ourselves.

There is a flaw, a difficulty, barrier or problem that we have discovered in ourselves.

But it is only up to us, to find this, challenge this and change it into something that becomes the definition of love.

Sometimes the bad is cliche and is brought to you on a silver platter served by your ex. That love, dare I promise you, will make you become stronger. 

He or she, who once broke your heart will be the creator of your success, happiness and strength. Trust me on this one, you will oddly enough, thank them one day.

A love that was borrowed, was never yours to begin with. 
Someone that you 'borrow' love from, is someone that never gave you their heart, but selfishly took yours without hesitation.

We have all been there. We have all carried on. Love has no boundaries, and without any false implications, I imply that love can be and will be found in someone else.
Someone worthy of everything you are that makes you, you
It is what makes love beautiful, desirable and the master of all unique connections among others.

The Bad will sometimes creep up on you in forms of disappointment, regret, temptation and grief. We learn from our mistakes, we learn from the curve balls life throws at us and we learn to adjust and adapt to the inevitable path of fate. We only survive in this world because we are all born naive and ill-informed of the world evolving around us, and this provides us with the opportunity to grow.

That's nature, no one can prevent you from falling down 7 times, but it's you and only you, that can make you stand up 8.

The Mad

The unexplained.

It's the fuzzy feeling, stomach churning, sweaty and tense feeling that spreads through your body.

This Mad feeling, is tailored differently to each individual person.

Not one feeling, is the same as the other.

How do we know that we see blue, the same as the next?
How will we ever truly see ourselves without the use of a mirror or reflection.

How can we possibly even begin trying to understand, what it is one feels when they say the have learned of love.

The Mad is your own definition and understanding. 
It could make you feel alive, tired, stressed, ecstatic or calm. Words may not even be worthy for such, but we shall endeavour to never find out.

What we can know, is that love will drive you mad.

It is scientifically proven, that being unaware or not possessing the knowledge of the 'unknown', will be cause discomfort in one self.
Not knowing or having a clear justification what love is, what factors contribute to love, or how to achieve or find it, will drive people bonkers.

It confuses the world, the people in it and the social norms developed. However, if we were to know and have love defined and clarified for us... we would all conform to whatever it was, deemed fit.

Love wouldn't be mysterious nor would it hold the power of limitless opportunities, emotions or definitions. It would tire, become boring and once again, turn our world into black and white.

Love questions and ciphers happy from sad, it keeps us breathing and waking up every day with a new hope and aspiration for tomorrow.

Love, although Good, Bad and undeniably Mad, adds colour to our lives and we become artists in our own world. We may not all be Van Goh, but we can sure as hell try.

There is so much more to life than just simply surviving it.

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