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Wednesday, 3 June 2015


“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

I think it's important to see that without our struggles, we wouldn't be who we are now. It's essential to understand and vision our failures as temporary moments, and those too...will eventually pass.

I think that by looking at our misery, seeing the times we have fallen and classifying them as distractions, or labelling them as mistakes- we punish a part of ourselves.

No matter what we have been through, no matter what hurdles we couldn't jump over, eventually we have found a way around them. 

I think it is imperative to realise that we can't do wrong. We have not let down a part of anything in this world. Everything that has made us sad, anything we have done that has forced pain into our lives, has been a vital progression in our lives.

Without defeat, we can not achieve greatness, for success would never be realised.

We have to realise that it was because of someone or something that made us sad, has now made us realise what it is like to be happy.

Our happiness has derived from difficulties and struggles. Without a burden to reflect on, we would fail to see the greatness that surrounds us. 

I think it is important to see that we, as ourselves, impact everyone and everything around us. Where we walk, what we say and how we act causes ripples in a pond that is far larger than what we assume.

Where we cause pain, we also create happiness. It may not be immediate and it may be sudden, but where we are, we all can create.

Never be sorry for existing. Never beat yourself up for your mistakes. I think it's a part of being. Learning right from wrong, moving on from our past and fraying from our guidelines.

I think it's imperative to colour outside the lines, and blur the edges. Think in colour, act abstractly. Nothing should ever be grey, you should never bully yourself for things that are entirely out of your control.

People are so afraid of hurting, people are so scared of other people that they forget to live for themselves. 

Everyone is living their own journey, yet so many people want to live through other people that they lose who they are in the process.

People confuse what it means to smile and people forget that not everything needs a reason or deserves a purpose. 

To think that we see our lives as burdens and not blessings, that it takes a life threatening situation to bring us back home. 

It takes great risks and enormous power to live without stress or pain. But who wants to live a life like that anyway?

It takes great courage and pride to realise that you don't need money, you don't need materials, power or popularity to live happily.

To live as who we are, indefinitely, without struggle, is to live with a free mind. Open to failure, defeat and misery. To welcome in pain, mistakes and stress.

We cannot expect to carry burdens on our shoulders, and at the same time, expect to fly like a bird.

Without fear, we do not have motivation and without motivation we would never eventuate to anything. 

We can not walk with anchors on our ankles and expect to feel free.

We have to acknowledge that because it is in great sadness, that we discover our own happiness.
We have to see and believe that it is because of the time we have cried, that we can no recognise the moments in where we smile. 

We now can see that as ourselves, we always make a difference. We are always important. 

It is in our own control and self-belief, that we unlock pure greatness and our impact and difference we make in this life, is entirely up to us. 


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