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Sunday, 11 January 2015


As you think, you travel, and as you love, you attract. You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.

One minute you are graduating from middle school to high school and before you know it, you are expected to know exactly what it is you want out of life.

I have always had aspirations and goals and dreams to be bigger and better than I am today, but nobody ever warned me that things couldn't always be bought. Love wouldn't always be mutual and rules weren't always going to be in your favour.

I guess time needs time itself and the only hard part about growing up is not knowing. It's the warnings and the promises, the do's, don'ts and maybes and everything in between is left up to fate.

There is something about waking up every morning, with no job to go to, no school work to do, no real motivation or inspiration for the day, that can drive a person insane.

Its spending twelve years of your life learning about the world, languages, history, numbers and letters, all to be left with nothing. 
Its meeting new people, gaining friends and losing them too, its finding your own ground and creating your own personality that makes growing up worthy.

But what happens when you lose sight of everything you used to call home.
I used to be able to recite trigonometry off the back of my hand and I could picture exactly what it was I wanted to do with myself. 
I used to be able to run 10 km's without stopping and I used to think 9:00am was a sleep in.

There are days where the sun sets and I'm still sitting in my bed wondering what it was that made people want to get up in the morning. There are days where I sit and read the same page of a book I have already a thousand times before, over and over again, just to fill in the time.

I was told life started once you left the school gates and when you became 18 thats when you really started to feel the rest of the world around you.

But there are sunrises that I sleep through and sunsets I turn my back to, all because I am too busy focusing on what it is I want out of tomorrow.

I am too busy thinking and dreaming of what I want from my future, that I forget to live in my present.

Then I remember.

Today is my future, and today is my past. 
Today is a reason to live, to get up and do something with my life and just because I don't have enough savings, or working my dream job or spend my time being productive in something classified as a sport or hobby...doesn't mean that I am not yet living.

Living is breathing, reading, walking and seeing. 
What I do with today impacts tomorrow and before I discovered what it really meant to feel alive, I started to recognise the beauty in simplicity.

I may want to be a journalist today, but its okay if I want to be a doctor tomorrow. 
It's okay if I love today and cry tomorrow and then kiss three people under the moon.
It is right if I sit in bed drinking tea and reading the same line three hundred times over, as long as it creates a fire in my heart.

As long as I am doing the things that make me happy, put a smile on my face and leave me lying in bed at the end of the day breathless muttering the words "this is what it feels like to be alive", then I am more than okay to be growing up.

It doesn't matter if you are sixteen years old or forty five years young, if you are stuck doing something that makes you dream of a better future, then you need to do something about it, make a change.

A future shouldn't be a dream and we shouldn't pray that tomorrow be 'better'.
Today should be great and yesterday should be worse than today because tomorrow will only ever become greater.

I made a vow, that I would stop burying my promises and my dreams in tomorrow and that I would start living and doing things for today and today only.

One step at a time, I would conquer everything that I wanted from my present and only by doing this, would I create a better now that resolves in a greater future.

I think you should too.

Our future is something that is made up of what we are doing right now, what we have already done and what is yet to come, don't let it be a plan...let's make our future an action.



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