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Friday, 2 January 2015

Three Words

Sign of affection, attachment, dependancy or attraction.
There is never a significant time, date, period or moment which defines when we are meant to say I love you.
To some it moves mountains and to others its just another phrase thrown in the air.

I guess, for the first time I said it, it was a little piece of me, which was reserved for someone, become open.

I discovered after a couple of more heart breaks and of course time itself, that that place never really closes.

Unfortunately the rarity of the words also lose their meaning if said too much. But in saying that, if said to someone whom you actually mean it to, it regains its depth.

I love you, is a fragile phrase. Although seen as just words, it is something which we preserve for moments of compassion.

Moments of compassion i hate to say, sometimes pass by too frequently.

But for me, and I guess as well for my viewers, what is the right moment. When is the right time to open up and express a phrase that impacts each single person differently.

What happens when someone says it but doesn't mean it, what does it feel like to say it too much and forget what it felt like to say it for the very first time?

What happens if we mean it to begin with but it dies out in a few months or years?
How do we know when it is the right time to say it, or how do we know we even feel it enough to say it?

Truth is, there is no right answer.

Terrifyingly, everyone will feel it differently, read the timing wrong or maybe never discover what it feels like enough to even want to say it. Although love is defined simply as a strong feeling of affection I couldn't think of a such an incorrect way of defining it.

Confusion, robust, obscure, impeccable, infinite, irrational, irritable, irresistible are probably a few that jump to mind when i think of love. But saying I love you, could amount to a lot more.

But this is all for now viewers, but have a think too about what it means, if you've said and even if you haven't. What does it mean and more importantly, what does it define to you?

All the best,


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