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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

UY People: Molly Lock

Name: Molly Lock
Age: 22

What is your living Status?
 I live at home 

How often do you use Social Media?
I use it daily 

I'm a Nanny

What is your education status?
I am studying education 

Why do you study Education?
Because I have a passion for shaping and helping educate the future generations 

Why do you Nanny for work?
Because I adore young children and have worked previously with younger children so am comfortable with what I can do 

Do you have a life goal?
I want to be happily married with children, finically stable, travel the world and to keep healthy whilst doing all of that

What is your biggest motive to achieve the things you want out of life?
To be the best person I can be 

If you could narrow it down to just a few things you love, what would they be?
Family, friends, gym, shopping, bowling, eating and drinking out 

What are the things that you dislike within your life?
Unmotivated people, negativity, heat and travelling on planes 

What's a quote that resonates with you?
Leap and the net will appear

If you could give a tip to past you, what would it be?
People closest to you will let you down but you have to believe in how strong you can be when that happens 

Lastly, what makes you an unorthodox youth?

I try to see the positive in every bad situations, I don't know if that makes me unorthodox, but I don't think many people see or try hard enough to outweigh the good from the bad 


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