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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The butterfly effect

When the caterpillar thought it was all over; it became a butterfly.

There is nothing that comforts us, nothing that guides us nor dictates that we will become exactly who it is we are meant to be.
The hardest and possibly the most challenging experiences of an adolescent's growth is the path of discovery.

Trying to extinguish the childhood cheeks and trying to establish who it is we set out to be. 
Is it your parents you wish to live up to? An idol, familiar face or a wallflower. Whoever it is, that we deem 'ourselves', lies entirely in our own hands.
So what happens when the person you set out to be, becomes someone you end up despising?

What if we fall short of who we aim to become, or make of ourselves. What if we disappoint ourself in thinking that who we are, just might not be enough. Who will we let down along the way? Who will think differently of us, how will people view us?

Change is terrifying and establishing ones persona, finding your ambitions and comparing them to others, is life's cruelest social function set to date.

Challenging yourself to be a better you is the only change you should aspire for. Changing into or trying to become someone you're not, will only end up destroying your belief in becoming who you want to be and is only teaching yourself one thing...

That who you are isn't and will never be good enough.
This is where you, and I, have always been mislead. I always thought that if tried hard enough, worked long enough or modified my appearance to be deemed 'pretty' enough- I would eventually blossom into the butterfly.

It's taken some tough pep talks and long nights of evaluation, to finally discover that the butterfly was always within me. I just had to cocoon myself first.

I had to live through multiple experiences and failures to realise that the butterfly is something that you have to earn. You have to recognise the butterfly in you for what it is, and not for what someone else's view of a butterfly was.  

Finding out who you want to be, is cocooning yourself. Its taking the time to reaccess your own ambitions, goals and motives. Defining your own version of beauty and discovering what it is that makes you, you.
 Sure, I haven't evolved yet. I am still young, I still need to find my definition of what it means to become a butterfly. But I no longer beat myself down for not knowing differently. 
I have grown up (especially in this day and age) with images, media and false representations of what it means to be the butterfly, so yes, it has and it will take me some time to recognise my own definition and define my own life's purpose. 

But it is also (I believe), my duty to remind people that its okay if you have not yet established your own definition or path yet.
Everyone evolves in their own time, whether you are 15, 20, 25 or 30, everyone grows at their own pace. Everyone has their own hurdles and everyone finds out exactly who they are meant to be- when they are meant to. 

Take your time in discovering your butterfly.
Redefine yourself as a better you because At the end of the day if we’re not happy, if we’re not living the life we want to be living, then something needs to change; As we cant waste all our years worrying and trying to be someone or something better; Because really, that’s not really living.

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