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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

UY: Mejico

I have never been a sharer. I hate sharing especially when it comes down to my food.
However, after visiting Mejico- a Mexican "market to table" restaurant in the Sydney CBD- I was more than happy to be open to the idea of sharing.

Mejico is a unique, modern Mexican restaurant that offers more than just your average taco or enchilada.
To top it off, that have a vast and extraordinary list of tequilas (probably the highlight of my night).

Mejico offers a "market to table" experience, which we got to witness first hand with our guacamole being made for us on the table by our lovely Mexican waiter. Unfortunately, due to too many amaretto sours and tequila's, I forgot his name. I should really start to take a notepad and pen with me!

Although we thought it may be a little pricy- between the 5 of us who dined together to have 6 dishes which by the way left us walking out of the door overly satisfied it was narrowed down to $28 a head including cocktails!

For an inner city Mexican experience we couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces!

Heres what we had- and trust me, we originally had no idea what we were ordering as the menu can be quite hard to decipher what it is you're really going to receive- but we apparently we nailed it on the head as we loved everything that was put in front of us!

Guacamole; smashed table side
Avocados, serrano chilli, toasted pistachios, herbs
& citrus. Served with our golden plantain chips.
$14 (G,V,D)

Chorizo salsa
Pedro Ximénez sherry, smoked black beans, paprika,
Persian feta, hand-cut plantain chips.

Two x Three bean dip
Slow-cooked, smoky, spiced tomato sauce, mozzarella,
hand-cut tortilla chips.
$14 (G,V)

5 piece Pollo
Grilled chicken thigh topped with chorizo, cucumber &
cumin salsa.
$12 (D)

There you have it!
Not a large order of food, and trust me I am a girl that can eat. But this left me full and completely happy. We had lovely staff that served us promptly all night and I think a few of the girls I went to dinner with, fell in love with the Mexican waiter that made our guacamole ;)

The cocktails, although not on their menu which we asked for instead were made beautifully and without an issue.
I had an amaretto sour which kicked my night off and the girls who I dined with all had sangria's.
You could say we felt like we were from sex and the city and we loved every minute of it.

And although I am a student who works casually, this was still one of the most affordable fine dining eats I have had.

Thanks Mejico, You can guarantee I'll be back.

UY x

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