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Wednesday, 3 December 2014


I understand that recently after the devastating murders of women by Elliot Rodger, the commonly known hashtag (#) has been used to represent a woman's voice. Women have unveiled their true emotions about what its like to be a woman in todays society and why #YesAllWomen is becoming the latest social symbol to represent who women are, and what we stand for. 


Because If my skirt is above my knee, i'm considered a target for sexual predators.
Because if I am walking by myself, rape is the only thing I can think about.
Because if I hug a man, it makes it okay for him to grab my ass.
Because if I talk to that man in the street, I'm putting myself in a dangerous position.
Because I have to deal with men looking me up and down, and accept that this is today's society.
Because I have a nice 'figure', it makes it okay for men to comment on it.
Because I can't leave my house without some sort of device that could protect me from potential harm of a man.

Because I was nice to him, he thought that was an invitation to push me to the ground.
Because I smiled back, he got the idea that I was okay with him touching me.
Because if I flinch at his hand, I must be a prude.
Because he earns more money than me, it makes it okay for him to treat me like an item, not a person.
Because we are not seen as equal, although society says different.
Because no matter how loud I scream, it'll always be too late.
Because I drank too much that night, it was my fault I couldn't say no.
Because I yelled at him, it was okay for him to hit me.
Because if i have not contacted my parents by 2 am, they automatically assume that something bad has happened to me.

Because we are taught to kick a guy in the balls before we are taught to tie our shoes.
Because we are told to say no to that guy in the car, before we are taught how to drive.
Because as soon as we leave our doors, we are a walking target.
Because when we want to look good, we are told not too feel good about ourselves too.
Because looking behind my shoulder has become a natural thing to do when walking home.
Because I'm not allowed to walk with an ipod in at night.
Because no matter how many classes or lessons i take for self defence, i will never be able to fight the memories of him.

Because although you think you know someone, you can never trust anyone but yourself.
Because although you think you are safe, and society is gender neutral, women will always suffer.
Because as long as you have boobs and a vagina, you will never be truly safe.
Because as long as rape exists, you will always be a potential victim.
Because women, will always be taught how to fight, before they are taught to love.

Because women will always face victimisation. Whether its sexually, mentally or physically, at some point in our lives, we will face it.
Because yes, all women will endure the hardship of being female, but we are strong.
Because Yes, all women will stick together, and rise above it.

And we are no longer afraid.

#YesAllWomen, are allowed to be proud, strong and fearless. Just like we should be. 

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